Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was introduced by the UK government to address slavery and human trafficking. Modern slavery can occur in various forms including servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking and can affect children and adults (“Slavery”). The purpose of this statement is to provide information to better understand our policies and controls in relation to our supply chains and to understand how the Group operates.

Business Structure

The Group markets products in nearly every country around the world under brand names such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Consul, Brastemp, Amana, Bauknecht, JennAir, lndesit and Hotpoint*.

Supply Chain

The Group understands the importance of having an extensive and transparent supply chain and strives to ensure that its suppliers do not engage in any abusive, exploitative or illegal activities.

The Group is continually committed to ensuring that its suppliers operate in a manner that is consistent with its global ethical standards. The Group established the Global Supplier Code of Conduct in 2006 which reinforced its commitment to do business with fair and ethical suppliers.

Please see the "Supplier code of conduct" for further information.

Policies and Controls

The Group acknowledges that there is a continuous risk of Slavery in all sectors, industries and jurisdictions, particularly in relation to raw materials sourcing and product manufacturing. Consequently, enhanced measures have been implemented to address Slavery.

  • Integrity Manual - all employees are subject to the Group's Integrity Manual, which details Groupl's policies such as the Diversity and Equal Opportunity policy and the Environmental, Health and Safety policy. The manual has been updated with a dedicated section on how to work with suppliers and to address ethical issues in an ever changing environment.

  • Legal - a contractual provision has been incorporated within the standard terms and conditions of sale that makes it clear that we seek to ensure that there is no Slavery within our supply chains.

  • Recruitment - The Group prohibits abuse and discrimination in its workforce and ensures that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations and conducts relevant checks to prevent Slavery in its workforce.

  • Global Supplier Code of Conduct/Supply Chain Transparency – The Group’s Global Supplier Code of Conduct is incorporated by reference into our supply agreements, and contains the fundamental requirements we expect our suppliers to comply with to ensure business is conducted in an ethical and Slavery free manner and report any potential violations to Whirlpool, including through the Group's Ethics Hotline.

  • Audits - The Group engages an independent agency to conduct periodic audits of selected suppliers. This helps to ensure that our suppliers continue to comply with our Global Supplier Code of Conduct. The audits include confidential interviews with employees and on-site contract workers. Corrective action is taken with suppliers who do not address our concerns.

  • Compliance Team - The Group has a dedicated global compliance team, which oversees the enforcement of the Integrity Manual, Global Compliance Policies and the Global Supplier Code of Conduct and encourages reporting of suspected non-compliance. Whirlpool employees are provided with multiple internal and external channels to report any violation of the Group policy or law, including violations related to forced labour and human trafficking.

  • Training - The Group has established e-learning courses for our sourcing professionals to educate them on the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct. Where appropriate, The Group also provides its suppliers with online training.

The Group deplores Slavery and understands that it is a continuous risk. Consequently, the Group monitors its business and aspires to further enhance its culture and programmes to demonstrate its commitment to address Slavery.

April 2019

*The Group ownership of the Hotpoint brand in EMEA and Asia Pacific regions is not affiliated with the Hotpoint brand in the Americas

Andrzej Tuleja
Managing Director

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